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Introduce Indochina

Indochina is a peninsula located in the South East Asia, including 3 countries Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. The name Indochina comes from a real events in history resistance of 3 country as France colony. Although in the same peninsula, but geography, climate, culture has a lot of difference. Prepared yourself thoroughly before your journey cause you will need at least 10 days in order to discover the most amazing things here. Religious here mainly is Buddhist with numerous temples, pagodas, towers ... so this will be a great place for your adventure tour or spiritual tour. Here there are many beautiful landscapes with many different types of tourism for you to explore, such as cruises, hiking, ....Cuisine is also a great thing at here with a lot of diverse styles, characteristics will create a lasting impression for visitors. Still have thousands of interesting things are waiting to be explored.

Put yourself in their challenging journey of discovery Indochina in this beautiful time and contact us for the best suggestions.


A journey through the hearts of Vietnam and Cambodia, which leads you from one spectacular view to another with each passing moment. From the scenic Halong Bay to the peacefully ancient town of Hoi An, the bustling Saigon, and on to the famous Angkor Wat, continue through to the beautiful ... Read more →
If you are looking for an exotic destination, this tour to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam is perfect for you. During this trip, you will be introduced to the religious cultures, ancient and historical architectures, as well as spectacular landscapes. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to enjoy ... Read more →
Are you preparing for a romantic honeymoon combining with cultural experience? Honeymoon tour packages in Vietnam and Cambodia takes you to long sandy beaches in islands and sails on the magnificent Halong bay then watch the beautiful sunset in ancient Angkor! Read more →
Through Vietnam to Cambodia, Let’s discover the local culture in the graceful capital, Hanoi, cruise on the magnificent Halong Bay, visit the ancient Hoi An town and then cross the border to explore Angkor Ruins, lie idly on the white sand beach Sihanouk Ville to see great turquoise sea water ... Read more →
This tour leads you through Vietnam to Siem Reap. You will have the opportunities to discover every cultural corner of the ancient towns in Hanoi or Hoi An, the spectacular nature's gift Halong Bay or the magnificent Angkor complex, and at the same time experience the daily life of the local ... Read more →
Normally combined with the yoga retreat, detox and spa services can remove all the daily stresses and show women how to love themselves properly. Thus, it is more than just about appearance. It is about women’s inside - out empowerment. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the mommies, the ... Read more →
If you are a sportsperson and would love to combine your vacation with some physic activities, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand welcome you with a variety of outdoor options. What is more fascinating than cycling in the mountainous areas of Vietnam through the luxuriant rice terraces and then in the ... Read more →
Doing some yoga during holidays can help you find your inner peace, take care of your soul, and, also importantly, build up new energy for any coming adventures or tasks. Let yourself refresh in the endless green of the mountainous areas, nice beach, and the comfortable atmosphere of the local ... Read more →
A unique dream wedding on boat among the breathtaking spectacular view of Halong Bay, private party with family and friends followed by a sweet honeymoon getaway is customized specially for honeymooners, based on the most lovely parts of Thailand like Bangkok, Chiang mai, the islands but in a sweet ... Read more →
The best way to immerse yourself in nature while exploring our Indochina culture is hiking through villages, hills or biking through hidden valleys, then homestay with locals! Vietnam, Laos & Thailand are perfect destinations to escape the hustling and bustling of cities, and to live a relaxed ... Read more →
Saigon - Mekong Delta – Da Nang – Hoi An - Hanoi – Halong Bay - Mai Chau Valley - Bangkok - Chiang Mai – Koh SamuiVietnam and Thailand are perfectly suited for your family holiday. Take a journey together from the modern bustling Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or Bangkok to the ancient ... Read more →
While Vietnam welcomes people with multiple colors of nature, namely the green of endless, luxuriant rice terraces, the emerald of crystal-clear water or the red, yellow and purple of flowers all around, Thailand opens the door with a busy but glamorous lifestyle and a peaceful and romantic ... Read more →
This is the perfect option for those who want to spend the time with their family or friends. Take an easy bike ride through the ancient temples of Angkor; enjoy a slow cyclo ride of Hanoi's Old Quarter to learn about traditional Vietnamese architecture; try to work as the local farmer or ... Read more →
Highlights: Experience the romance of undulating mountains and pristine beaches on this custom tailored tour through Vietnam & Cambodia. From luxurious resorts on beautiful islands to emerald terraced hillsides that stretch across the landscape, you will find the culture of the northern ... Read more →
In Vietnam and Cambodia you can find all possibilities for a perfect vacation with your family. It is a chance not only to learn about the other cultures and histories in Southeast Asia but also experience various activities altogether, such as kayaking or cycling through breathtakingly ... Read more →

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